Nice To Meet You!

An Unnecessarily Long Introduction

Hello Mysterious Website Visitor,

Whenever I read these things on other photographers' websites, it always goes on about accolades and awards or maybe some long story about how the photographer got his/her first camera and fell in love with photography or something. I don't have any accolades. I don't have any awards. I don't have some sort of romantic story about my introduction to photography.

I'm just a regular guy who happens to use photography as a coping mechanism to deal with a nonsensical world. I first picked up a camera because I wanted to pursue something artistic, but I'm hopeless at drawing, painting, or most other things that involve some level of hand-eye coordination. As you can probably tell from all of this, I am not your average entrepreneurial soul who will try to sell you rain that falls from the sky. I believe that there is enough BS is the world and you don’t need any more from me. I just try to tell it like it is and find whatever bit of humor that I can in situations since smiling is good for the soul. I began to pursue photography professionally because I was unsatisfied with the standard “9 to 5” and it seemed to make sense to try to pursue something that I genuinely love to do and hope that, God willing, I’ll be able to make a living from my passion. After all, that’s the dream, isn’t it?

As a photographer, I possess a fairly diverse skill set and I am always looking for projects that will challenge me and broaden my horizons. I am an avid student of the craft, constantly studying and developing new techniques to bring to the table. If you ask me about a photography project, I will always give you my most honest assessment and you can count on me to go the extra mile to make sure that any job that I take on turns out right. Simply put, I don’t need a Ferrari in my parking spot at your expense by lying to do about my ability to do something that I can’t or cutting corners and leaving you to deal with shoddy work. I believe that businesses, like relationships, must be based on trust so I have no desire to compromise my integrity for the sake of short term gains. That having been said, even if I may not necessarily be experienced in something, I do hope that you will trust me to do the necessary research and practice prior to a project to produce wonderful results for you. :)

As far as my personal work goes, I currently shoot both digital and film and I am an avid user of prime lenses. Despite my enjoyment of whimsy, I generally don't get too crazy with my processes so if you’re looking for photos made from negatives that were souped in ramen or horse piss, look elsewhere. Otherwise, I hope that my photography will enrich your day. Take care, and God bless.


Michael Jin