Nice To Meet You!

An Unnecessarily Long Introduction

Whenever I read these things on other photographers' websites, it always goes on about accolades and awards or maybe some long story about how the photographer got his/her first camera and fell in love with photography or something. I don't have any accolades. I don't have any awards. I don't have some sort of romantic story about my introduction to photography.

I'm just a regular guy who happens to use photography as a coping mechanism to deal with a nonsensical world. I picked up a camera because I wanted to pursue something artistic, but I'm hopeless at drawing, painting, or most other things that involve some level of hand-eye coordination. As you can probably tell, I'm not the most serious person in the world. Photography is probably just about the only thing aside from my family that I take somewhat seriously just because it happens to be one of the few things keeping me relatively sane.

I currently shoot both digital and film and I am an avid user of prime lenses for my personal work. Despite my enjoyment of whimsy, I generally don't get too experimental with my processes so if you’re looking for photos made from negatives that were souped in ramen or horse piss, look elsewhere. Otherwise, I hope that my photography can enrich your day.

If you come away feeling depressed or negative instead, please feel free to write me a sternly worded email telling me how much you hate me for ruining your otherwise awesome day. The CONTACT link is up top.

- Michael