©2019 Michael Jin. Self Portrait.

My photographic career began in real estate photography. I was working as a graphic designer for a real estate company and I eventually got sick of trying to design flyers around poorly taken photos so I decided to step up, learn how to photograph homes, and offered my service to the agents.

As I worked and learned more about photography I quickly developed a passion for other genres. Photography became my primary means of self-expression and I worked on numerous personal projects in my spare time, employing different techniques and exploring new genres in order to realize my vision.

As a person who has struggled with clinical depression and anxiety for the majority of my life (and continues to do so), photography serves as an outlet that allows me to filter the world, quite literally, through my lens to share my experience of the world with others. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I see the craft of photography to be a journey to master the harnessing of light to refine the message that you want to express with those thousand words.

I hope you enjoy the photographs on the site and if you need some photography done, fill out the contact form. I look forward to working with you.

- Michael Jin