©2019 Michael Jin. Self Portrait.

My photographic journey has been a long and winding road. While the actual story is much longer, I’ll just hit the major points. I grew up with a father who owned a 1-Hour Photo lab in the Bronx and worked for several labs in Manhattan so I have been around photography in some form or another for most of my life.

While I did take passport photos for customers and occasionally did some studio photos, I was thirty years old when I actually decided to take a serious and systematic approach toward improving my skills. This happened long after the collapse of the film photography industry and the resulting death of the majority of photo labs in the city. I was working as a graphic designer creating flyers for a real estate company at the time and I just got sick of constantly having to use the horrible photographs of homes that the agents were providing.

While I began my photographic career in earnest as a real estate photographer, I developed a passion for other genres. Photography became my primary means of self-expression and I worked on numerous personal projects in my spare time, employing different techniques and exploring new genres in order to realize my vision. As a person who has struggled with clinical depression and anxiety for the majority of my life (and continues to do so), photography serves as an outlet that allows me to filter the world, quite literally, through my lens to share my experience of the world with others. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I see the craft of photography to be the journey to master the language of light to create the words that you want to express.

I am a firm believer in acting in good faith on my end and I expect the same in return. In me, you are going to find a person that treats you as a human being rather than a bag of money. I only ask that in return you treat me as a human being as well rather than a tool to serve a particular function. I suppose those are the important bits and it should give you a pretty good idea of who I am and what you can expect from me. Let’s respect each other and work together to create beautiful things.

- Michael Jin