The Philosophy of Religion - Struggling with Disinterest / by Michael Jin


As we come to the close of the first week of Module 3, I can’t help but shake my head at the quality of discourse in the class in regard to this subject. I don’t know if it’s just the asynchronous nature of the class or people not bothering to read anything, but I feel like there’s not much going on outside people just scratching the surface of the topic because they’re told to. I’ll not lie and say that I’ve been the most diligent student as, quite frankly, my school life necessarily takes a backseat to my job and my family, but I can’t help but ask myself why I even bother to try at all when I read through some of the responses being given on these discussion boards.

While I am not particularly interested in going over the same tired arguments I’ve dealt with pretty much since I hit adolescence, I don’t understand how even the most disinterested person could respond to anything as large as questions of philosophy surrounding the notion of God with a short quip. There is so much depth that you could easily write massive tomes on the subject. This is not even taking into consideration the fact that one ought to do the reader a favor and have the decency to attempt to foresee questions and provide clarity from the start, whether it be in the form of defining the context in which you are using a word or providing some degree of insight your mode of thinking. Writing is different from a real-time conversation, where you are going back and forth quickly and people can ask for clarification and receive an answer within a matter of seconds or minutes.

I think I’ll be glad when this section is done as I find it far less interesting than metaphysics and epistemology—even though one can argue that it is more important in the sense of potential negative consequences to your eternal soul should you be wrong.